Increase - Catalytic Stories Vol. 3

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INCREASE Catalytic Stories Volume Three is a collection of real-life stories from students and alumni of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry.

Warriors of Light are splashing crazy good waves of hope across the world. They’re carrying stories of miraculous breakthrough, healing and restoration. As this hope is released in homes and communities, it leads us to faith, and faith leads us to encounter our Creator, who is better than any of us could imagine! He is on a mission to join with us to bring Heaven into our lives.

In this edition of INCREASE you will find beautiful stories from around the world—like an entire state prison system being influenced as some of the worst prisoners are completely transformed, a resurrection in the emergency room, exotic stones supernaturally multiplying, impossible data hacking being reversed, scars from self-harm disappearing from a young girl’s arm and leukaemia disappearing after a woman receives a painting inspired by God. You’ll be amazed by these stories and many, many more.